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Welcome to Pwani Trading & Investments Company

Pwani Trading and Investments is a leading service provider to global enterprises and institutions that deal in import and export business with Europe and East Africa. Pwani manages all aspects of import and export.

Pwani imports products such as agricultural, construction and medical equipment, refrigerated containers and trucks.
And from East Africa we export all design of wood work of art and craft, mainly Lamu traditional furniture and plant oils such as sunflower, cashew nuts, soy beans, coconut and ground nuts.

Pwani Trading & Investments Company (PTIC) develops new, or expands existing international trade and investment opportunities for selected companies that look for assistance, action and results. PTIC takes full responsibility for the successful completion of its assignments and tasks.

Headquartered in Mombasa Kenya, PTIC draws its management team from senior levels of the international business and government communities. It can provide targeted and effective assistance on a range of international situations respecting diverse business sectors and geographic regions.

PTIC works with European and foreign companies, providing them with international business, marketing and government relations expertise, to secure sales and project contracts in specific countries in Europe, Middle East and Africa. PTIC works with European and foreign investors on investment opportunities in East Africa and other countries

Finally, PTIC's ability to work effectively for its clients is enhanced by the company's close working relationships with major trade associations and bilateral business councils.